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Sponsorship & Donations

As a non-profit non-governmental organization, funding for projects and events are received through kind donations and sponsorship from individuals and corporate organisations. Contributions are pooled with the funds from other donors, sponsors and membership subscriptions to support conservation activities.

Contact information: – fundraising@ncfnigeria.org


Organisations that are concerned about the environment have been at the forefront of generously supporting the foundation’s events and programmes over the years. Successes of our events are premised on sponsorship from corporate organizations. As a corporate organisation, you can support any or all of the following annual programmes:
Sponsors are recognised in all communication channels such as event brochure, press releases, social media and on the Foundation’s website. Artworks are equally published in all communication materials.


Kindly donate to the Foundation to support any area of environmental conservation. As a donor, you may choose specific area or activity you wish to support e.g. environmental education, research, essay competitions, school visits and student membership etc or pool the fund with other donors. Increasingly, individuals who share common value with our vision and mission are leaving bequests to the NCF as a way of leaving their footprints in the sand of time. Such endowments are used for stated purpose(s) or for any environmental conservation. On request, projects can be named after the benefactors as a way of immortalising them.
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Benefits to Sponsors and Donors

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