Environmental Education

The goal of the Environmental Education unit is raising awareness on environmental issues and concepts with a view to causing positive behavioural change among the people. We achieve this through the following activities:

School Conservation Clubs

The schools are crucial partners in creating awareness as the young pupils are the leaders and decision makers of tomorrow.

We partner with schools with the consent of the authorities to establish conservation clubs with the purpose of raising environmentally conscious students. In the long run, we help develop and nurture pupil’s interest in nature.

School conservation clubs are opened to public and private primary and secondary schools.

Training and Workshop

The unit engages in capacity development for instructors, individuals and organisations whose roles and output revolve around the environment.

We have modules that cater for broad spectrum of environmental learning outcomes which include conservation, pollution, recycling, tree planting, running school conservation clubs, how to engage communities in viable projects etc.

Trainings and workshops are hosted on-site at the Lekki Conservation Centre, as well as off-site.

School Visits

We receive schools and their students in all project sites across the country and engage them in environmental education through direct field experience and lectures.

This has been a vital channel of reaching such young, exciting audience and modifying their behaviours to appreciate and care about nature.

Community Engagement

We strive to take message to communities and general public through sensitisation campaigns, information dissemination, participatory activities and engagement.

Community engagement usually focuses does not focus only on campaign, but equally, affirmative actions through direct intervention and support that ameliorate conditions of community dwellers.


International days observed by the United Nations are utilised for campaign and advocacy. The Unit rallies support and participation of NCF members, schools conservation clubs, host communities, corporate organisations, government officials and other dignitaries for such events. These include:



  • Word Wetland Day
  • World Migratory Bird Day
  • World Environment Day
  • World Habitat Day

Events around any of the international days are opened to sponsorship by corporate organisations.

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