Wings Over Wetlands – Hadejia-Nguru

The Hadejia Nguru Wetlands (HNWs) in Yobe State, are of great international significance to Palaearctic and Afro tropical migratory water birds, with counts of up to 423,166 water birds of 68 species.

The Hadejia Nguru Wetlands (HNWs) are located in the Sahel zone of north-eastern Nigeria. The area is floodplain wetland comprising permanent water bodies and seasonally flooded areas.

About 40% of the wetlands remain wet throughout the year, resulting in mats of Echinochloa, Nymphae, Limnophyton and Typha (now extensive: over 200sqkm, compared to 550ha in 1999) species at such sites, which constitute important feeding grounds for waterfowl; Mitragyna, Doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica), and Tamarinds (Tamarindus indica) are dominant among the larger plants of the area.

The area supports about 1.5 million farmers, herders and fishermen, who also gather wild products. Flood rice, irrigated onions and pepper from the wetlands are sold in national markets. Over 300,000 cattle spend the peak of the dry season here. About 6% of Nigeria’s inland fresh water fish catch is from here.

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