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South East Regional Projects

The South East Regional Office is located in Calabar, Cross River state. The Office Manage two major projects in the Northern parts of Cross River State with financial support of Fauna and Flora International (FFI) and Leventis Foundation. The Regional Office focused on Biodiversity conservation and Protection. The Regional Office also engaged local forest communities in Forest Management and improvement of livelihood opportunities.

Becheve Nature Reserve (BNR)

Located on the Obudu Plateau in Cross Rivers State, the· Project is supported by the Leventis Foundation. Through NCF participation in Cross River Environmental NGO coalition (ENGO) led by OneSky, a Canadian NGO, BNR received some financial and technical support between 2002 and 2005 as a demonstration project of the coalition. BNR is owned by the local community but is managed by NCF through her South East Regional Office in Calabar.

At BNR, NCF has carried out field activities on the Obudu Plateau and has contributed to building the skills of staff in project administration and financial management. BNR is designed and managed as an urban park with nature trails, directional signs and a tree house which is a unique feature of the Reserve. As part of the ecotourism initiative of the Cross Rivers State Government (CRSG), Becheve was selected as one of the tourist sites in the State. In 2006, the CRSG erected a canopy walkway in the Reserve for tourists and visitors' use.

The NCF's management strategy gives priority to natural history interpretation, where staff guide and interpret nature to visitors. Apart from just managing the Reserve, the project has been able to improve the water supplies of the surrounding communities. This project has run for 11 years.




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