Environmentalists urge people to take action on rising sea level

Pupils displaying during the Flora and Fauna celebration by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation at Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos.

The need to take practical action aiming at reducing sea level and save the environment has been reiterated by the environmentalists including children.

According to the group of conservationists who gathered at the 2014 Fauna and Flora Fancy Dress Competitions in Lagos in continuation of the World Environment Day Celebration, it is very important to join the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and other groups' effort on climate change enlightenment campaign aiming at sensitizing Nigerians, particularly youth across the country and women in rural environment who are the most vulnerable groups to climate change and its attendant impact.


With the theme “Raise your voice, not the sea level" some conservationists and students from different schools in Lagos gathered at the Lekki office of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation to  celebrate the annual event. The theme of the year aimed at encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment in general and to discourage people from all actions and attitude that will increase the sea level.

A speaker at the event, Mr. Desmond Majekodunmi said that the low-lying nature of much of the coastal parts of Nigeria due to its natural geological setting constitutes a natural threat to the Nigerian environment. Generally, rising to less than 5 metres above sea level, these coastal regions are highly prone to flooding even with small rises in sea level.

"Nigeria lies in the middle latitudes in the Gulf of Guinea. It is therefore characterized by generally high and strong wave systems which have more destructive impacts on the shoreline and constantly causing shoreline erosion. So, we must not add to the problem through our action hence, the need to create awareness on danger of rising sea level."

The Executive Director of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Alade Adeleke urged the need to develop strategic plans which emphasize the importance, not only of recognizing children as key stakeholders in the policy-making process, but also of promoting environmental education for sustainable development as a means of enabling future leaders to find innovative solutions to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change and environmental degradation in their lives and communities.


Adeleke added that in the light of the serious challenges of rising sea level being face by the coastal cities  it is obvious that we all need to begin to evaluate our lifestyles, become more conscious of the impacts of the waste we dispose and rethink our options and see how we can make sure that we are not contributing to the rising in sea level.  There is need to charge our regulatory bodies on coastal land use with respect to habour  and housing usage of this fragile ecosystem that houses the major cities of the world.


In their presentations with different costumes to depict the theme of the year, the children persuaded   people  to save the environment by engaging in culture and attitude that do not have negative impact on the environment. 

The participating students in different age categories competed in fauna and flora dress competitions to create awareness on reducing the sea level. The presentations were centered on the need to take corrective measures right from homes through proper waste disposal and clearing of drainage's.

Speaking earlier on competition, the Chairman of the Foundation's Scientific Committee, Prince Adegoke Ademiluyi  said that ""Flora and Fauna Fancy Dress Competition was one of the segments of the NCF World Environment Day School Competitions. "I am particularly delighted with the impact this effort has been creating over the years, part of which is the replication of the idea by most environmental NGOs in Nigeria".


He enjoined Nigerians especially the youth to help spread the gospel of conservation by joining the school conservation program established by NCF.


While seeking further support of the corporate world on funding environmental initiative, he added that the   progress made thus far by the Foundation has been through the contributions of corporate organizations, groups and individuals. "Over the years we have worked with governments and its agencies to formulate policies which ensured that degradation and other issues that are inimical to the environment are addressed.  Yes, the challenges are multifarious and  we realize we cannot do it alone. It is for this reason that I urge everyone who reaps benefits from Nigerian natural resources to join hands with us to conserve them."


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