Policy Advocacy

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Policy advocacy is one of NCF’s strategic approaches towards achieving set objectives and meeting organizational goal. NCF recognizes advocacy as an important tool for communicating identified environmental concerns to the relevant stakeholders in a non-confrontational manner and influencing a positive change.

NCF plays a strong role in ensuring that environmental sustainability and development issues are effectively positioned within the context of high level national development strategies. Thus, NCF has been in the mainstream of developing environmental policies to safeguard Nigeria’s biodiversity. Additionally NCF supports the Government to integrate global environmental treaties to which Nigeria is a signatory into national policy strategies and legal instruments.

To strengthen her policy advocacy thrust, the National Executive Council of the NCF has approved the opening of an Advocacy office in Abuja  to enable NCF provide on the ground technical assistance to national environmental issues and influence developmental process of policy strategies.

Our approach to Policy Advocacy

  • We translate scientific/technical findings into advocacy tools.
  • We lobby Government in favour of environmental sustainability and equitable developmental process.
  • We join regional networks in larger environmental/ecosystem management Initiatives – e.g. Niger Basin Initiative. Conservation Efforts in the Niger Delta.
  • We champion National efforts aimed at mainstreaming environmental education into schools’ curriculums.
  • We lobby national action on mitigating against Climate change.



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