Programmes (17)

Segment I: Flora & Fauna Fancy Dress Competition


This is a costume parade that depicts an object or component of the environment. Participants will be allowed to say something about the object depicted. The presentation should reflect the theme of this years’ WED – seven billion dreams, one planet, consume with care


·         Only five representatives from the school

·         Competition is open to participants between 5 – 7yrs; 8-11yrs; 12-15yrs only.

·         Schools can participate in only one category.

·         The participants’ will only be allowed 5 minutes for their performance.

·         There must be an identifying placard with the name of school on it placed on stage

·         A short description (not more than 400 words) of what you intend to present should be submitted along with your participation form on or before Friday 22nd May, 2015.


Segment II: Pass it on-Awareness Campaign


This is an awareness campaign strategy to spread the message of this year’s theme. Participants from schools will talk to different individuals from all walks of life about this year’s theme and get the individuals responses (a meaningful phrase) about the year’s theme. Participants must document each response or reaction as a testimony of their outreach. The School with the highest number of testimonies will receive an NCF award and exciting prizes. Consolation prizes await runner ups.


·         The competition is opened to students between age category 8-11yrs and 12-15yrs)

·         All testimonies should include the respondents name, sex, phone number and message otherwise will be disqualified.

·         All testimonies should be authentic as this will be verified by NCF.

·         The testimonies sent to NCF must be endorsed by the School’s principal

·         All testimonies from each school (which should include the respondents name, telephone number, sex and message) should be sent in a parcel to NCF on or before Wednesday 3rd June, 2015.


Please note that the organizers will disqualify any presentation or entry that has no direct relevance to the theme-seven billion dreams, one planet, consume with care.



The Jury’s decision is final. 


27th Annual General Meeting 

The 27th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), will hold on Thursday, October 13, 2016. Click here to read more.



2016 NCF/LASG Walk for Nature 

The NCF Walk for Nature is an annual road rally initiative which has the main objective of raising awareness in Nigerian cities on the importance of nature conservation and the environment while doing so in a healthy manner. Read more



This event brings together partners, dignitaries, global and local corporate leaders and heads of foreign missions while identifying with NCF’s vision and mission of environmental sustainability and donating funds to the cause.Read more


The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) provides Environmental Services (ES) using a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) model to create solutions to environmental issues in Nigeria. NCF has a pool of experts in various fields of environmental science and management. Our team of specialists can provide professional advice to help organizations and communities comply with regulations and requirements for a sustainable environment. 


Our multidisciplinary expertise includes:


  • Ecology: ecological assessment, interpretations and solutions for management, development and physical projects


  • Carbon management: measurement, auditing, foot printing and low carbon strategy development


  • Climate change: climate change risk assessment, adaptation and strategic advice on climate change policy and regulations


  • Biological Surveys: Ecosystem Assessments, Ecosystem valuation and environmental economics


  • Biodiversity Policy and Legislation


  • Geographical Information System:  spatial studies and analysis


  • Training and Capacity Building: Skill development on methods of wildlife management, environmental education, Park Planning and natural resource management.


Our Experience


The NCF Environmental Services Programme has provided services in the following area:


1.    Biodiversity Survey of Ifon Forest Reserve, now Osse River Park, Ondo State.


2.    Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool development (IBAT).


3.    Biodiversity Risk Assessment and Opportunity Assessment (BROA).


4.    Independent Tree Audit (ITA).


5.    Rapid Stock Assessment for Site identification for the Niger Delta Conservation Centre.


6.    Geographical Information System (GIS) Training.


7.    Developed Protected Areas Map for Nigeria Biodiversity and Tropical Forestry Assessment.


8.    Training on Environmental education.  


Our Clients


  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


  • British American Tobacco Company (BAT).


  • Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL).


  • Federal Ministry of Environment, Invasive Species Unit.


  • USAID.


  • Ondo State Government, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.







All schools planing to visit the reserve should download a copy of the information sheet below for details of what is required to visit the Lekki Conservation Centre.

Information sheet for school visit to Lekki Conservation Centre

For Educational programmes and School visits, please call: 0903 467 9399, 07028469598 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation knows that investing in conservation education and environmental awareness is critical for global biodiversity conservation .That’s, why since its inception school conservation club has been its core to reach out to numerous Nigerians on issues affecting our biodiversity.


The school conservation club has produce books like the tortoise magazine (a biannual publication), teacher’s guide to conservation club etc. The club members have made positive impact on their school environment   and host community.


School Conservation Club
You can enroll your school to join the NCF School Conservation Club for free. for more details send letter to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or join us on Facebook@   

Spring Alive is an international project organized by BirdLife International, a worldwide organization for the protection of birds. The campaign is designed to promote children’s interest in nature and its conservation through tracking the arrival of spring birds. All citizens, but specifically children and families, are encouraged to observe and record the arrival of 5 migratory bird species each year: White Stork; Barn Swallow; Common Swift; Cuckoo; and Eurasian Bee-eater.


NCF as a partner commenced participation in 2012 with a follow up participation in 2013 with great global impact as Nigerian participants top the international art contest. The Spring Alive Campaign has commenced officially on 1st of September 2014 till 30th December 2014. 


The following are the activities for this year’s Spring Alive Campaign:

School Initiated Bird-Watching to monitor the arrival of the 5 focal bird species using the Spring Alive Brochure and Teachers Guidance Note that will be provided to all participating schools. These materials are available in Hardcopy (Grades 1-3 & 4-6) to be given to participating schools FREE.


Drawing Contest -The Drawing contest will be publicized among all School Conservation Clubs which are all eligible to participate in the international contest. Entries will be received from all interested schools who wish to participate in this contest and can download the Terms and Condition below or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for it.

Below is a breakdown of high priority activities that are time bound.


Competition Name

Target Group

Downloadable Documents



Spring Alive Contest

Students (8-16yrs)

Terms and Condition



Spring Alive Strapline Contest

Volunteers (Teacher)

Terms and Condition





Spring Twin- The Spring Twin is an opportunity for school conservation clubs to connect with their European counterparts. See list of the following schools that have been twinned with other European schools in the Excel File as well as Guidelines for Twinning. This is a yearlong activity.


Obligations as a participant in the Spring Twin:

  • Be able to access the internet at least for a minimum of 5 hours per-week.
  • Be able to provide update on the activities of the school conservation club.
  • Interested schools should please download the the Spring Alive Application form

Kindly email your completed form to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Friday 28th November, 2014.



NCF will celebrate the World Habitat Day inform of schools programme- Slum Painting Competition in accordance with this years global theme Voices from Slums. The theme is to drives the campaign to recognize life in slums, give voices to slum dwellers for improving quality of living conditions in existing slums.


This competition is to promote the social and environmental status of Lagos slums and its attendant impact on people while exploring locally adaptable solution. It is opened to school children between the age of 8-19yrs.

The World Habitat Day (WHD) is a global environmental event celebrated every first Monday of October to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. It is also intended to remind the world that we all have the power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities and towns. 


Date: Thursday 30th October, 2014

Venue: Km 19 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Lagos
Time: 9:00am
Forms and rules can be downloaded here
The event is supported by MTN.

The GIS unit performs various services ranging from GIS training, surveying, map production, environmental mapping and monitoring,  to environmental consultancy as well as support the organization on environmental education and policy advocacy.

NCF GIS Training 

GIS is pertinent to almost all human activities regarding space. In today’s globalized world where people seek to make everything easier, we need GIS to make easy our spatial and temporal analysis. About 90% of our daily decisions are hinged on the question ‘where’.

GIS brings the world on our palms enabling us to make informed decisions about spatial issues. It makes evident patterns in life distributions and activities, thus helping in the location of phenomena and giving insight into the dynamics of such phenomena and nature in general. This further aids understanding of the relationship between the physical and human environment making easier the expressions of such relationships in maps and visual forms.


Space is thus everything, for without space we won’t be here in the first place since everything happens in space and time. Knowing where and why things are located on the surface of the earth, their distributions and the patterns they create, as well as their dynamics is very vital for sustainability. 



To make environmental research and practice particularly conservation activities easier, faster and timely by engaging companies whose activities have impacted or has the potential to impact the environment.



1.      Capacity building of technical staff within and outside the foundation.

2.      Conceptualizing new projects and accountability of past projects.

3.      To train upcoming environmentalist (students) on GIS aided research and applications.

4.      To make explicit spatial analysis answering questions of accessibility, proximity and conservation.


NCF plans to pursue 25 percent forest cover agenda



 The Urban Jungle is the first National Photography Competition of its kind in Nigeria which has been organised as part of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) calendar of events to stimulate interest and generate positive responses regarding green issues.

 It is a free monthly nature photo contests with a deadline on 30th of every month.

The objective of the competition is to engage as many members of the general public and create an opportunity for the appreciation of Nigeria’s natural environment and raw beauty.


Embracing the technological age and effectiveness of social media, the competition will be entirely run on the facebook platform


The Competitions

NCF invites anyone and everyone to enter a FREE nature photo contest.

Our prize contest is centred on nature and this beautiful earth in Nigeria.


The Competitions:

Submit your photos today. It’s free!!!

1. Photos of the month announced on the 1st of every month.


2. In November, we will invite the top ten finalists to attend the Annual NCF Dinner Dance & Awards in November, where the grand prize winner will be announced.



1.You took the photograph


2.Some aspect of nature must be part of the subject. Creations by man are eligible subjects if aspects of nature are part of the photo


3.Winning photos cannot be removed from Facebook


4.Any watermarks must be in the corner of the photos so as not to obscure the photo.


5.A photograph can only win once.


6.Only one entry may win (per contest) even if you submit many GREAT photos.


7.Photo width idea size is 1024px or greater.


8.Photos can be taken from any device so long as the quality and clarity is good.


9.Photography contest winners will be notified via facebook. So keep your profile up to date and remember to check your inbox!


Contest Prizes for Photos of the month:

Each month there will be a new list of prizes for the top 7 photos.


All prizes have been donated by SPAR (Park & Shop)


Check the PHOTOS OF THE MONTH AND see the PAST WINNERS on our FB Album


Tips for Winning our Photo Contests & Monthly Competitions

• Enter the contest. Just by posting on the NCF Urban Jungle Photography page means you have entered your photo in the contest.  You must also manually enter the details of your photograph and a small description in the tag section.


•Get your friends to LIKE your photo by posting the link to your wall/page


•Include some aspect of nature in an interesting way.


•Don't put borders or shading around the photo.


•Don't put watermarks in the middle of the photo or use large watermarks.


•Place small watermarks in the lower left or right corner of the photo.


•Avoid dates or other data, except watermarks, on photos.


•Now to the serious stuff…Potential winners shall be required to sign and return within ten (10) days following an attempted notification, a Declaration or Certificate of Eligibility, Liability Release, and where legally permissible, a Publicity Release and Warranty of Ownership and License in which the entrant warrants that he/she is the owner of the photograph (and all the intellectual property rights in the photograph submitted) and grants to the NCF and its licensees the irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide non-exclusive license to reproduce, distribute, display, and create derivative works of the entry (along with a name credit) in connection with the Contest and promotion of the Contest without additional compensation. Failure to execute and deliver any required documents to the NCF by the specified deadline may result in disqualification from the Contest, and selection of an alternate potential winner.





Submit your photos today. Hey, it's free!!!

Enter a photo


Supported by 


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