Rules for the 2015 World Environment Day Compeition

Segment I: Flora & Fauna Fancy Dress Competition


This is a costume parade that depicts an object or component of the environment. Participants will be allowed to say something about the object depicted. The presentation should reflect the theme of this years’ WED – seven billion dreams, one planet, consume with care


·         Only five representatives from the school

·         Competition is open to participants between 5 – 7yrs; 8-11yrs; 12-15yrs only.

·         Schools can participate in only one category.

·         The participants’ will only be allowed 5 minutes for their performance.

·         There must be an identifying placard with the name of school on it placed on stage

·         A short description (not more than 400 words) of what you intend to present should be submitted along with your participation form on or before Friday 22nd May, 2015.


Segment II: Pass it on-Awareness Campaign


This is an awareness campaign strategy to spread the message of this year’s theme. Participants from schools will talk to different individuals from all walks of life about this year’s theme and get the individuals responses (a meaningful phrase) about the year’s theme. Participants must document each response or reaction as a testimony of their outreach. The School with the highest number of testimonies will receive an NCF award and exciting prizes. Consolation prizes await runner ups.


·         The competition is opened to students between age category 8-11yrs and 12-15yrs)

·         All testimonies should include the respondents name, sex, phone number and message otherwise will be disqualified.

·         All testimonies should be authentic as this will be verified by NCF.

·         The testimonies sent to NCF must be endorsed by the School’s principal

·         All testimonies from each school (which should include the respondents name, telephone number, sex and message) should be sent in a parcel to NCF on or before Wednesday 3rd June, 2015.


Please note that the organizers will disqualify any presentation or entry that has no direct relevance to the theme-seven billion dreams, one planet, consume with care.



The Jury’s decision is final. 

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Lekki Bird Club - Report - 2015

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