We have lost a true advocate for nature

"I love the environment and that is why I am part of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation to protect our inheritance.” Alhaji Ahmed Joda (2019).


The Board of Trustees, National Executive Council and Management of Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) regrettably announce the death of our most esteemed Trustee, Alhaji Ahmed Joda, CFR. 


Alhaji Joda, a rare gem, indefatigable elder statesman, vanguard and true advocate for nature and sustainability in Africa, has been a long-serving member of our Board of Trustees.


During his life time, he was highly dedicated to nature conservation activities and sustainability. He brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to advance conservation efforts in Nigeria and Africa at large.


We celebrate the life and memory of our dearly beloved, truly remarkable man with numerous great achievements. Notable among many other achievements are his appointment into the Federal Civil Service as a Permanent Secretary serving in the Federal Ministries of Information, Education and Industries, where he retired in 1978 and many more.


However, even after formal retirement, being a tireless and passionate individual devoted to nation building, he was appointed by different administrations, both Federal & State governments, in different capacities to make further contributions to the development of Nigeria.


Apart from demonstrating personal example by practicing conservation in his own private agricultural enterprises, his commitment to the Nigerian Conservation Foundation opened many doors of partnership and funding for our projects. 


He was a humble, straightforward and liberal Nigerian. The void his death has created will forever be felt in our hearts. 

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