NCF sets to raise 40,000 dollars to improve air quality of public school children

In keeping to its mandate of building a society where people prosper while living in harmony with nature, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) is launching a new project designed to improve the quality of health of the children in 250 public schools by improving the quality of air they breathe.



To achieve this, NCF is partnering with Global Giving, a globally accredited crowdfunding platform to raise $40,000 to plant 250,000 trees in public schools across Nigeria within the next one year. The funds will be received and managed by Global Giving.



Trees play important roles in maintaining a virile and sustainable environment. Most schools' environment in Nigeria are bare and void of trees and this has led to hot and polluted environment, making school children be more restless, prone to ill-health and generally low performance in their studies.

The donations will be considered people’s contribution to building a better and healthier society, especially for our children.

The crowdfunding acceleration exercise is expected to run online from Monday, September 13 to Thursday, September 30, 2021. The platform is open to the general public for their donations toward this good cause.


For over four decades, NCF has consistently implemented programmes that help restore and conserve the environment, support community livelihood, protect species; and provide environmental education for teeming students and youths across the country.



In the recent times, NCF has been visiting schools across the nation to plant trees, create gardens and teach the teachers and pupils on upcycling activities. This is in addition to various conservation clubs established in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

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