In a bid to contribute to the fight against coastal erosion in Lagos, Rotary International through Rotary Club Ikoyi Metro in collaboration with Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) engaged in tree planting and beach clean-up activities at the Alpha Beach, Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

Over 50 seedlings of coconut trees (cocos nucifera) were planted along the sea shore to cushion the effect of sea surge that constantly wash off the sands at the beach.

The promotion of a sustainable environment is part of the projects the Club is embarking on to contribute to national development.

The community people who dwell at the bay welcomed members of the club and NCF staff to the beach and joined in the activities.

Dr. Joseph Onoja, the Director of Technical Programme, NCF while addressing the participants mentioned that through the satellite imagery, it was discovered that some communities and a road network that was originally at the beach had been washed off due to water rise level within the last 15years. Urging stakeholders to salvage the situation to avoid further damage to the remaining communities.

He said “In 2018, NCF conducted a research that revealed that if drastic actions are not taken, most coastal areas of Lagos will be submerged into water by the year 2050. We are happy the government has continued to put groins in place which were part of our recommendations. More of this has to be done extensively. We shall continue our campaign.”

Ms. Delight Sunday, President of the Club, expressed her joy for the opportunity to provide certain measure of solution to the environmental challenge of the people. She appreciated NCF for the willingness to partner and effort so far in fighting the menace.

To strengthen the Partnership, A committee made up of representatives of NCF, RI D9110 and RC Ikoyi Metro to further deepen the Partnership was created.

The exercise was graced by District Leaders for environment and the supervising AG of the Club, PAG, Past Presidents and other members of the club assisted by the personnel of the sponsors.

In addition to the handpickers and gloves made available for the clean-up exercise, the wastes collected at the beach were bagged into bio-degradable materials and properly disposed at dumpsites.




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