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Developing Research Capacity among African Environmental Scientists(DRECA) was an EU sponsored series of training workshop which took place between 2010 and 2012 in four African Countries including Nigeria. During the three year period the workshop reached 54 environmental scientists in 32 institutions in Nigeria. The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) coordinated the programme in Nigeria and has identified the need to sustain this program and make it available to a wider group of Nigerian Environmental Scientists. This is the maiden edition of the Nigerian DRECA and is being supported by the Tropical Biology Association and Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

The workshop targets active conservation scientists and researchers working for:

  • Universities (Junior or Assistant Lecturers especially in biological science departments);
  • Research institutes;
  • NGOs with a research component in their work;
  • Research and monitoring units of protected areas (parks and reserves); and
  • Government departments that are involved in research.


Aim: The workshop aims to:

  • Train Nigerian scientists on how to plan and write winning research proposals. This will include how to get funding; proposal writing skills; decoding (grant) application forms and making an impact.
  • Equip participants with the needed skills to write quality scientific papers and communicate to policy makers and civil society. This will cover why and how to publish; scientific writing skills; presenting data; and communication skills.
  • Fill the skills gaps in the sound design of scientific research projects relevant to the management of natural resources.  It will teach skills in how to frame research questions, select and design appropriate methods, manage and analyse data, and interpret and present results.


Funding: The workshop will not pay per diems. However, full costs (in-country travel by road, tuition fees, teaching/writing materials, meals and accommodation, etc) will be covered.


Applicants must:

  1. have a Master’s degree or higher in biology and related fields (environment, forestry, ecology, natural resource management, conservation, etc.); Master’s students who are preparing to undertake  fieldwork for their masters research projects will also be considered.
  2. be actively involved in research as part of their work, or studies.
  3. write concept notes of proposed research projects that they are strongly committed to undertake within the next 12 months. The concept notes are required for practical exercises during the workshop.


Applicants must be willing to submit a personal action plan outlining timelines and targets for implementing a chosen study design for a proposed research project.  Preference will be given to applicants who show a high potential to apply the skills gained from the workshop in their professional careers and or studies.


Applications must include a (1) cover letter stating why and how the training will help in your work, (2) completed application form available at the address below, and (3) current CV (no more than 2 pages) with qualifications and research experience (incl. current research projects and activities). Your application should be sent, preferably by email, to:


The DRECA Project Coordinator, Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Km 19 Lekki-Epe Expressway,  Lagos, Nigeria. Tel. 234-806-5451-463

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to reach by Friday the 9th of May, 2014.

Visit  DRECA training application form for an electronic copy of the application form. 

It is the applicants’ responsibility to secure his/her employer’s approval to attend the workshop if selected.


Successful applicants will be notified by Monday, 19th May, 2014.

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