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Established by the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company (NLNG) in 2001, the Finima Nature Park came from a consensus by the communities of Finima and Bonny in Rivers State, South – South, Nigeria to protect the forests for its integrity, biodiversity and the ecosystems services it provides for human settlements.

Since 2011, The Nigerian Conservation Foundation have been managing the park having succeeded the Niger Delta Wetland Centre (NDWC). We consolidated the efforts of NDWC and built new frontiers for conservation, stronger community institutionalisation and injected renewed energy on research, biodiversity protection and public education.

The 1000 hectares Park provides a golden opportunity to show genuine commitment of the people of the Niger Delta to contribute to environmental protection for the benefit of not only the indigenes of the area but as a place of pride for the people of the Niger Delta and Nigeria at large. It add value to biodiversity and enhance opportunities for sound environmental management and promote environmental education and research.


Becheve Nature Reserve is a classic example of partnership in community forest management – jointly owned by 6 communities and farmed out to NCF to manage with active collaboration of the communities since 2003.

The 132-hectares of lush forest that makes up the BNR and the adjoining Obudu plateau supports 31 of the 37 qualifying species placed under the Afro-tropical highlands biome species.

Our activities include community engagement and mobilisation which often involve women and climate change, environmental education, biological monitoring, and active afforestation.
As part of the ecotourism initiative of the Cross Rivers State Government (CRSG), Becheve was selected as one of the tourist sites in the State. In 2006, the CRSG erected a canopy walkway in the Reserve for tourists and visitors’ use.


Forest Reserve holds the last remaining forest in South-Western Nigeria and it has been found to be biologically unique. Owned by the Ogun State Government, we act as technical partners and helped establish wildlife sanctuary within the reserve which we have been managing since 1989.

The sanctuary serve to preserve the last population of African forest elephants Loxodonta africana cyclotis, the Nigerian-Cameroon chimpanzee Troglodytes ellioti, the white throat monkey Cercopithecus erythrogaster and the yellow-casqued hornbill Ceratogymna elata, all of which has been designated as threatened.

The forest reserve is seriously threatened by logging, hunting, clearance for farmland and other human activities. Thus, apart from conservation activities which caters to afforestation and biodiversity monitoring, our roles equally involve advocacy, community engagement and environmental education.


The Lekki Conservation Centre has come to symbolise our successful conservation effort at the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. Lekki Conservation Centre showcases unique biodiversity, scenic, natural, scientific and recreational values of the coastal environment of south-western Nigeria.

Founded in 1990 as a flagship project, LCC was established to preserve the representative sample of vegetation and animals of the Lekki Peninsula. Today, the centre is renowned as an icon of nature conservation and pearl of ecotourism, twice scooping TripAdvisor awards.

With over 250,000 tourists and visitors yearly, LCC has become a powerful resource centre providing environmental education, researches, public engagement, campaign and advocacy amongst others while events such as the World Environment Day, World Wildlife Day are hosted at the Centre.

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