NCF plans to pursue 25 percent forest cover agenda

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation has concluded plan to vigorously pursue all actions aiming at returning Nigerian vegetation to 25 per cent cover.


The Leadership of the Foundation working on 5 years strategic plan had concluded arrangements to ensure that efforts are put in place to engage all stakeholders on environmental issues in Nigeria towards ensuring that the 25 percent forest cover as recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is achievable.


Led by its President, Chief Philip Asiodu, the Foundation's at its Council retreat recently resolved that it will devote more energy on advocacy and stakeholders engagement on the need to protect the remaining forest cover while supporting  massive tree planting initiative throughout the country.  NCF believes that improvement in vegetation cover will not only enhance livelihoods but promote Nigeria’s ecological integrity while ameliorating the impacts of climate change.


According to chief Asiodu, the Foundation will continue to advocate for a sustained bolder programmes towards achieving 25 percent forest cover for our country beyond 2020. We will put more efforts on Forest Regeneration and Protection strategy with the aim of increasing our forest reserves from less than 5 percent now to 25 percent as recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).


"It behoves the leadership and the elite in Nigeria to adopt and energetically implement a comprehensive Agenda for the Environment – perhaps a new 2020 Agenda which would only require a minor updating of the Environment Chapter of the abandoned Vision 2010. This corrective agenda must be a long term programme with properly sequenced measures to be implemented immediately and to last for some for two decades or more.”


As part of the 5 years strategic plan of the Foundation which will commerce this year, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation will take up the challenge by offering suggestions and advice to the government on environmental issues from time to time. Also, as part of its mandate the Foundation will continue to promote environmental conservation and sustainable development in Nigeria.



The Executive Director of the Foundation, Alade Adeleke said, “We are very much aware of the severe environmental challenges confronting Nigeria. Through our conservation projects which cut across the country, we have developed unique conservation strategies that cater for the needs of the people while maintaining ecosystem stability. As we contribute to efforts to save Nigeria’s remaining natural forests, we take the lead and encourage others in the onerous task to rehabilitate degraded areas through tree planting and sustainable land use".


In the coming years, we will intensify on our membership drive – both at individual and corporate membership levels. We must strive to enlist hundreds of thousands of members in order to be heard more effectively in a country of over 150 million people, Adeleke said.


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