Keystone Bank and NCF Collaborate on Tree Planting

In commemoration of the 2021 International Day of Forests with the theme “Forest and Biodiversity”, employees of Keystone Bank have teamed up with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) in a 100 fruit trees planting exercise. 


The occasion will witness employees of the bank plant seedlings of jack fruit, tenera oil palm, cashew and mango donated by NCF in their homes. This exercise aligns with achieving our goals of preserving and restoring the environment for the benefit of the people. It equally supports NCF’s Green Recovery initiative, a 30-year programme aimed at increasing Nigeria’s forest cover to at least 25% over the next 30 years.


The initiative is coming at a time when Nigeria is recording one of the highest rate of forest loss globally. The country is said to have lost over 90% of its forest cover to degradation, unsustainable development and over-exploitation of the forest. Thus, such collaborative effort on a larger scale could be crucial towards reversing the trend of deforestation in Nigeria. 


“We depend on forests for our survival as trees provide the air we breathe. Forest also offer ecosystem services, enhance global food security and mitigate the effect of climate change.” 

Dr. Muhtari Aminu-Kano, Director General of NCF.


“As a Bank, we cannot overemphasize on the need to foster a sustainable environment to ensure business and life continuity through tree planting, carbon foot print reduction, recycling amongst other sustainable practices. We will continue to collaborate and initiate exercises like this that aligns with our sustainable living culture as a bank.” 

Mr. Olaniran Olayinka – MD/CEO, Keystone Bank.


On the occasion of this year’s International Day of Forests, Keystone Bank and Nigerian Conservation Foundation enjoin individuals, corporate organisations and civil society actors to reflect on the state of Nigeria’s forests and the implication of losing such valuable heritage. Everyone should consider what can be done individually and collectively to protect, restore and sustainably manage the country’s remaining forests for present and future generations.





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