2017 Walk for Nature (WFN)

Walk for Nature (WFN) is an annual nature advocacy event jointly organized by the Lagos State Ministry of the Environment and NCF to create awareness and promote nature conservation and sustainable environmental management for the protection of Nigeria’s biological resources. The event also encourages people to take positive actions and support natural resource management efforts for present and future generations, to reverse the impact of climate change and continuing decline of Nigeria’s wildlife resources in line with the global call for positive action.


Protecting the rich biodiversity that occur in Lagos State is of global conservation importance as an important route for Afro-Eurasian species of birds and an important breeding ground for the other aquatic species.


NCF has partnered with the Lagos State Government in organizing “Walk for Nature” for the past nine years and has enjoyed tremendous support and cooperation of Corporate Organizations, civil society groups and public.


The goal of this initiative is that it should be adopted at the National level to be implemented simultaneously in all States of the Federation or at least in the six geo-political zones.


As people are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and reflecting this in their everyday choices, the event offers a very good opportunity of growing an organization’s market share, giving competitor advantage and delivering effective brand positioning to target audience.


Sponsorship levels & participants

·         State sponsor – N7,500,000 – 750 participants/ T-shirts/ face caps

·         Lead sponsor – N4,000,000 – 500 participants/ T-shirts/face caps

·         Gold sponsor – N2,000,000 – 250 participants/ T-shirts/face caps

·         Silver sponsor – N800,000 – 100 participants/ T-shirts/face caps

·         Bronze sponsor – N400,000 – 50 participants/T- shirts/ face caps


           Benefits to Sponsors/Partners 

·         Sponsors are promoted through corporate branding linked to the goodwill this walk initiative offers.

·         Mass media exposure through our several media platforms and LASSA billboards pre and post event

·         Branding of walk route

·         Sponsor’s logo & name on t-shirts, face caps and all event materials

·         Partners receive an annual Distinguished NCF Presidential Award as key contributor to national and global efforts on environmental awareness in Nigeria.


Theme: Cleaner Lagos: The Foundation for Sustainable Ecotourism

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017

Time: 7.00am prompt

Take off point: Lagos State House Car Park, Marina, Lagos.

Walk route: Inner and outer Marina.


2016 Event Gallery


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