Poachers kill three patrol men in Congo DRC Featured

Three anti-poaching patrol men in Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were killed by  a group of heavily-armed poachers, believed to be South Sudanese on 17 June, 2015. The three men were members of a reinforcement team that was deployed to an area inside Garamba.


They include Garamba ranger, Jean-Marie Kpionyeslinani, and two members of the Congolese armed forces who were assisting with anti-poaching patrols in the park, Corporal Kambale Musubao and Lieutenant Moise Mospado. A second ranger was injured in the attack, although not seriously.

A statement released by the African Parks said that  the team was deployed using the African Parks helicopter to an area inside Garamba, approximately 15 kilometres from the park headquarters at Nagero, to support a ground team that had an initial exchange of fire with the poachers.


According to Peter Fearnhead , CEO of the  African Parks, the three men sustained multiple bullet wounds and died instantly. They were buried on 18 June, 2015.


Feamhead added that Ranger Jean-Marie Kpionyesilani left  his wife and five children, Corporal Musubao left  his wife while Lieutenant Mospado left  his wife and seven children.  Garamba’s rangers, the Congolese army as well as members of a regional task force are all currently involved in comprehensive efforts to track and apprehend the poachers.


"We extend our sincere condolences to the families and colleagues of the three men. Their untimely deaths are a testimony to the threats and dangers that rangers, and members of the armed forces assisting them, face every day in thwarting and preventing poaching in Africa’s national parks and protected areas", Feamhead said.



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