NCF is Set to Enhance the Management of Okomu National Park

In a bid to improve the security and tourism infrastructure for the effective management of Okomu National Park, Edo State, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) in partnership with National Park Service is organizing a capacity building workshop for Park Rangers, in Okomu National Park between 1st and 5th March, 2021.  


This is done with the financial contribution of the European Union and the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Group of States through the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management (BIOPAMA) Programme. 


In addition, NCF will be holding a workshop on Alternative Livelihoods Enhancement Training for selected local community members of Okomu. 


NCF is donating critical field and surveillance equipment to Okomu National Park to enhance its logistical and operational capacities on protection, biodiversity conservation and Ecotourism development. 


The hands-on capacity building training for Park Rangers is to aid Rangers’ knowledge in the area of data collection, surveillance operations, nature interpretation, conflict resolution and effective protection of species within the Park.  


NCF through the trainings will be delivering income-generating items on poultry, fisheries and sustainable agricultural practices to the selected local community members. 


The training, being organised for the community members is to enhance park-host community relations, support some communities to improve local livelihood opportunities and development in ways that contribute to improved management effectiveness in Okomu National Park. 


The objectives of the project include enhancement of the management and governance of priority Protected Areas (PA) by addressing existing limitations; enforce the legal framework required to achieve effective biodiversity conservation in PAs; support local communities' initiatives aiming to enhance the livelihoods of local people whilst effectively contributing to PA management. 


The trainings will eventually increase PA capacity to protect species, improve infrastructural facilities and revenue generation. Likewise, it will help develop and improve livelihoods of the community members and secure their support for the Park and environment. 


The trainees will be fully equipped with walkie-talkie, binoculars, GPS, drone, computers, new uniforms, patrol motorcycle and more. 


“When you know what to do, your capacity on the given task is properly built, and you are willing to set the ball rolling, the rate of failure would be very minimal. Hence NCF’s commitment in training ours and others” Dr. Muhtari Aminu-Kano, Director General, NCF. 


The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) is the foremost environmental NGO in Nigeria with a focus to promote nature conservation and sustainable development. With its vision of “a Nigeria where people prosper while living in harmony with nature”, it has been able to deliver on conservation projects across the nation. For four decades now, NCF has successfully managed some forest reserves and project facilities across the nation. It has also dedicated its efforts in developing the capacity of Foresters, Conservation Club Coordinators and others. 





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