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Discussing NCF's Effort In Overcoming #Environmental Issues In Nigeria Pt.1- @sunriseCTV @channelstv Discussing NCF's Effort In Overcoming #Environmental Issues In #Nigeria Pt.2 - @sunriseCTV on @channelstv
24 hours after a stakeholders’ workshop on wildlife trafficking organized by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) in Ogun State, Governor Ibikunle Amosun forwarded to the state House of Assembly a bill for the conservation, reservation and control of forest and wildlife in the state. Read more at:
Bothered by the nation’s alarmingly diminishing forest resources, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) appears to have taken the gauntlet in the bid to address the somewhat unsavoury development. Read more here: Read more news about Green recovery Nigeria:
The decline of vultures in Nigeria should be everyone’s concern if we understand and appreciate their importance or contributions to human health and the economy. The decline in the number of vultures is due to many factors. The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) advocacy campaign started during the 2017 Chief S. L. Edu Memorial Lecture with the theme “Decline of Vultures: Consequences to Human Health and the Economy”. Attention is being devoted to vultures because of the alarming rate of their decline. Threats to vulture species are from humans. Vultures today are in dire situation especially outside conservation areas. They are in danger of being poisoned, especially through the deliberate poisoning of carnivores; electrocution by power lines passing through breeding sites, direct persecution and declining food availability. Deliberate poisoning of carnivores is likely the most widespread cause of vulture poisoning. Human persecution of vultures has occurred for centuries and continues unabated. These are all human-induced threats! Vultures play a crucial role to human health and the economy. They keep our environment free of carcasses and waste thereby restricting the spread of diseases such as anthrax and botulism etc. They are of cultural value to the Nigerian communities. They have important eco-tourism…
Job Description: Job Title: Head, Fundraising Reporting to: Director, Finance & Administration Direct Reports: Membership and Fundraising Officers and other staff Objectives: To play a key leadership role in the day-to-day administration of the Fundraising Unit and provide a strong support for the attainment of the objectives of NCF To play a key role in the development and implementation of NCF’s membership and fundraising activities and grow its membership base and secure funding for programme work and organisational core costs. To be responsible for the strategy and delivery of successful fundraising activities To build on the relationships and manage current partnerships with all stakeholders, including individual and corporate sponsors, members, NCF’s Board of Trustees and NEC, etc (for projects, in liaison with Project Managers). Duties & Responsibilities: 1. To maintain and significantly expand NCF’s membership base 2. To build and maintain NCF’s membership database, filing system and records 3. To develop and deliver the strategic direction for fund-raising and to ensure sustainable growth in net income 4. To develop and deliver existing fundraising activities – identifying and maximizing opportunities to increase income and participation 5. To identify and approach corporate prospects, securing financial contributions and pinpointing suitable funding initiatives, calls…
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