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The Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) led by Izoma Philip Asiodu, has appointed Arc. Ayoola Onajide and Mrs. Onari Duke as members of the National Executive Council of NCF. Arc Ayoola Tokunbo Onajide is the Principal Partner & Managing Director of ATO Architects, a firm he founded in 1988. He has been involved in managing infrastructural projects for the Federal Governments, multinationals, institutional and bilateral organizations. Onajide is a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Architects, the Royal institute of Architects and the South African institute of Architects. He is a fellow of the Institute of Directors (IoD) and a 1998 Alumni of the Lagos Business School. He designed Lekki Conservation Centre and has passion for eco-friendly activities. A former first lady of Cross River State, Onari Duke, is the chairperson of CSDON, ‘Child Survival and Development Organisation of Nigeria’, a non-profit organisation she established to promote affordable healthcare to women and children in Nigeria and ensure the total wellbeing and development of children. She is Managing Partner of the law firm Duke & Bob-Manuel and also the Executive Chairman of Allied Merchants & Brokers Limited. She is a Director of United Bank for Africa…
The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and coalition of civil society groups such as Green Faith, organised Interfaith Rise for Climate, on 8th September 2018 hosted at LUFASI Nature Park, Lagos. This event was held to galvanize action with other global marches and activities including the Bangkok March to call-to-action national, sub-national leaders, government, private sector, faith-based institutions, and other stakeholders etc. as world leaders meet for the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco between 12th and 14th September, 2018. In his keynote address, the Director General of NCF, Dr. Muhtari Aminu-Kano shared insights on Islamic principles and approaches to protect the environment as defined in Eco-Islam, a movement pioneered by Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Studies (IFEES). He reiterated on four Islamic principles which are the foundation for the inter-link between environmental protection and Islam belief – Tauhid (Unity); Fitra (Creation); Mizan (Balance); and Khalifa (Stewardship). Adding that Hima (Sustainable management); Harim (protection); Waqf (Trust Fund); and Hisba (Enforcement) are the approaches or mechanisms that Muslim societies have employed to observe and implement the tenets of these four principles. He further described the need for a multi-faith intervention towards achieving alternative paradigm in reducing the impact of climate…
The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) is raising awareness on plastic waste pollution reduction thereby encouraging a revolutionized lifestyle in Nigeria. This is being done in commemoration of the World Environment Day (WED) 2018. WED is an environmental awareness programme aimed at promoting environmental education, ingenuity, teamwork and general environmental friendliness among children and youths. The theme for this year is Beat Plastic Pollution. WED is used to produce environmental literate students and youths who are willing and capable of taking positive environmental actions. The event has over many years produced students and youths who are knowledgeable about their environment, having right attitude to the situation, commitment and skill to work individually and collectively towards solutions of current problems and the prevention of new ones. Plastic pollution involves the accumulation of plastic products in the environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans; hence the theme urges all stakeholders – producers and consumers as well as policy makers to jointly explore sustainable alternatives and urgently reduce the production and excessive use of single-use plastics polluting our oceans, damaging marine life and threatening human health. According to the World Bank, the generation of solid waste is tied to population, income and…
The Foundation has appointed Dr. Muhtari Aminu-Kano as the Director-General/CEO replacing Adeniyi Karunwi. He resumed office on April 4, 2018. Dr Aminu-Kano is an astute and experienced natural resource management expert with more than thirty-years cumulative experience in management, advocacy and research in the fields of protected area management, wider biodiversity conservation, climate change, agriculture, humanitarian work and poverty reduction in Nigeria, Africa and globally. He, at different times in his professional career worked as an Assistant Director, Lake Chad Research Institute, Maiduguri (Jan 1990 – Sept 1998), Project Director, Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands Project, Nigeria (Jan 1993 – Mar 1995) and Executive Director/CEO, Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria (Oct 1998 – Feb 2003). He was also the Senior Adviser on Policy & Advocacy at the Birdlife International Secretariat, Cambridge for Eight Years and one of his deliverables was to ensure that Policy & Advocacy work on Multilateral Environmental Agreements are integrated with and contributes substantially to the work of other components of the Environment and Sustainable Development Division, as well as relevant thematic and regional programmes. Dr Aminu-Kano is a trained leader and administrator and has varying experiences in NGO management and Government - NGO partnerships and policy formulation and implementation…
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